Christina Comodex – Professional Kit (8 Products)

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  • Christina Comodex New Face kit professional

Comodex – “The” all-round treatment ” , treats the primary causes of greasy skin. Accelerates the healing process and protects against further skin damage. The treatment is based on four precisely defined processes, each containing effective active ingredients. Advanced technological delivery systems with powerful efficiency. Targeted active ingredients nourish, protect and support the natural skin functions. Step 1: Comodex Clean & Clear Cleanser Step 2: Comodex Scrub & Smooth Exfoliator Step 3a: Comodex Treat & Regenerate Peel Step 3b: Comodex Peel & Renew Peel Forte Step 4: Comodex Stimulate & Detox Solution Step 5: Comodex Bright & Balance Solution Step 6: Comodex Astringe & Regulate Mask Step 7: Comodex Mattify & Protect Cream SPF 15

Christina Comodex - Professional Kit (8 Products)

Christina Comodex - Professional Kit (8 Products)

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Price: $ 296.55

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