Delarins Skin Care Fruit Therapy Toner

by crazyibuy
  • CLARIFY & TONE SKIN TEA TREE OIL FACE TONER: If you are looking for the ultimate facial skin toner to boost your skin’s elasticity and clarify your complexion, then we got you covered. We proudly present you this fantastic made in the USA facial toner that will detoxify your face from the very first use. Thanks to its all natural ingredients, this fruit therapy toner is suitable for those with sensitive skin as well.
  • ALL NATURAL & HERBAL FACIAL TONER: No more skin toners causing rashes and skin irritation for you my ladies. This refreshing facial toner is made with all natural and pure herbal extracts so as to keep your face spotless yet protected. It consists of 15% MSM, powerful fruit extracts and nourishing tea tree oil. For optimal results, it is advised to be used after our cleansing wash for sensitive skin.
  • HASSLE FREE APPLICATION FACE SKIN TONER: Forget all those messy pumps that clog after a while or difficult to use bulky packages and enjoy a hassle free skin toning treatment with our marvellous fruit skin therapy toner. The 8 Oz (240ml) bottle is large enough to accommodate all of your demanding needs for a long time. Simply apply on your face with a cotton or just “splash” it on! Whatever is more convenient for you.
  • NOURISH & HYDRATE AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE TONER: Do not compromise with anything else than perfection when it comes to your facial therapies and skin toners. Invest in this alcohol free and non-comedogenic formula and see the results for yourself. Keep your skin toned and clear and at the same time nourish and hydrate it so as to promote brightness and healthier skin tone right away.
  • SUCH A MULTIPURPOSE NATURAL FACIAL SKIN TONER: Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial ingredients, this tea tree oil toner will form a flexible link between cells, promote elasticity and keep your skin impenetrable all day long. Get now a smoother and younger looking skin and make everyone wonder. Suitable for both men and women of all ages.

Look Younger & Feel More Confident With The Ultimate Fruit Therapy Skin Toner!

Are you sick and tired of cheaply made and of poor quality facial toners that torment your skin and leave it all dry? Do you worry about your skin losing brightness and firmness due to daily stress? Are you looking for a great skin toner that is both natural yet highly effective?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the best facial skin toner proposal for you and your precious face.

Nourish, Hydrate Your Skin & Encourage Elasticity With Delaris SkinCare Fruit Therapy Toner

Who said that fruit are only beneficial when you eat them? Join now the fruit toner philosophy and let the fruit extracts play their role in skin rejuvenation.

Boosted by MSM extracts which increase elasticity and flexibility, natural fruit extracts, anti-inflammatory Australian Tea Tree Oil and more, this facial toner will gently tone and clarify your skin all in the comfort of your bathroom.

Besides the toning therapy provided, our facial toner system will restore your skin’s elasticity and pH levels back to normal and promote a healthy and luminous skin!

Still Not Convinced That This Refreshing Toner Is The Right One For You?

• All natural and safe pure facial toner.

• Powerful extracts of fruit, teat tree oil, MSM and more.

• Suitable for women, men, teens and those with sensitive skin.

• Minimize pores, smooth fine lines, promote elasticity and healthy skin tone.

• Non comedogenic, alcohol and oil free face toner lotion.

• Refresh skin, hydrate, moisturize and tone all at once.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now while supplies last.

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Delarins Skin Care Fruit Therapy Toner

Delarins Skin Care Fruit Therapy Toner

List Price: $ 36.00

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