Virgina Abrasives Psa Sheets 12″X18″ 20 Grit #703988

by crazyibuy
  • Fits Essex, Squarbuff, Orbitec, Clarke and any other orbital sander that has a 12″ x 18″ pad.
  • Adhesive technology on the backside.
  • Easy-to-use on rectangular floor sheet sanding machines

20 Grit 12″ x 18″ Virginia Abrasives PSA, Box of 20
Virginia Abrasives PSA Floor Surfacing Sheets feature a sharp, silicon carbide mineral. Highland Sheets are ideal for removal of hard, old finishes such as shellac, varnishes and paints.

Virgina Abrasives Psa Sheets 12

Virgina Abrasives Psa Sheets 12

List Price: $ 95.45

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